Training Camp Days 13 and 14!

“I swear to god that I might just be the death of me.” -Papa Roach

Day 13:
Was when the wheels came off. I started out at dawn for a 20 mile run and I could tell I was off. The first 3 miles I was tight and stiff. Not moving well at ALL. But I kept on going and found a good groove from miles 3-5 and pushed the pace a bit. I hit the 5 mile mark and was really bummed to see my splits. I was 10-20 seconds off my last 20 miler and so I tried to “make it back up” in the next 5 miles. I dug deeper and hit the 10 mile maker and was another minutes off for that segment. I was discouraged but dug EVEN DEEPER STILL and then things got ugly. I was crawling from 13-15 and at 15 I hit bottom. Thankfully I had enough My Spring Gels to get me home. I did a death shuffle just to get home. But hey, cracking is cracking and done is done. Honestly, I think I would be disapointed if I didn’t crack and I know I was really giving it my all.

Day 14
was my trip home and I enjoyed some bad movies as I moved from car to tram, to plane, to cab, to bed.