Zen Tri After Party Day 1

We live in fear of our own potential – Rise Against

Once the athletes leave I am left to my own devices and lack of restraint in warm weather and great training grounds.

Today became “the bonus day”. Everything got supersized. First my 60 minute run became 70 minutes. Brett came for a proper send off but wasn’t keen on a turn around so we added 10 minutes.

Then the 4 hour ride became 4:20 when me and the Guru added full on double peak. Someone at the top was also getting his 4:20 on but at top of a mountain it’s pretty breezy so I should pass any WADA testing.

Then it was off to strength training at Ezia’s Human Performance which is a great space the camp used. I got paired up with John a great coach and he beat on me like a rented mule. Since I am too cheap or stupid to rent a car I got to ride each way. Also I got there early and did 20 minutes of stretching.

So 70 run + 4:20 ride + 20 ride there + 20 minutes stretching + 60 minutes strength work + 20 minute ride home = 7.5 hours.

(photo: new aero lid ready for testing. The Boba Fett by ERC)




  1. Love the pic. Soak that great weather up man! It’s freeeeezing back here.

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