Fueled By My Spring Energy

This camp I have been using My Spring Energy Gels. The most all natural real food Gels I have ever tried. The science of them is really smart: they have less sugar and sugar like additives but the same or more calories of other Gels. This lowers the glycemic index and prevents sugar spikes and more importantly the drop you get afterwards. The end result is a more steady energy source and better over all performance. As a long course athlete this really matters as the events are so long that the ups and downs in energy really play out and suck.

I also used their recovery product. In the same format as a gel, but slightly longer I found it the most portable and easy to have on tap when training took to away from my kitchen. Most of my workouts end at cars, or pool locker rooms so getting in those key recovery calories in that key short 20 minute window is really difficult but My Choice energy made it simple and easy. They taste good too, and aren’t subject to mixing, bottles, finding water or any other things that might prevent you from getting it in.

Lastly I tried their hydration product which like the Gels also is designed to prevent energy spikes. It worked as designed and my workouts, even the super long ones that were 130 miles or so, were even. The taste was great too.

All of them were easy on my gut and i had no GI issues.

All in all an awesome product that’s clearly a step ahead of the others.