Days 11 and 12

Day 11

“This one goes to 11.” – spinal tap.

Today was rough by design. The hardest workout and deep into training. 112 hilly miles as fast as I could (and much climbing as I could find) and 8 miles tempo as a brick run. I spent the first 2 hours spewing mental hate until I burned all that fuel. Then another 2 in a pretty happy place as I tried to keep pushing the pace. The last 90 minutes of riding was done without a mind. I kinda love when that happens. Your mind vanished and it’s just will (spirit) and emotions (heart).

The run was an odd Affair with a real mix of good and bad miles. But in the end I was just stoked to be done. What a beast of a day!

Day 12
Today is a 5k Swim and 30 minutes of gym work. A hard easy day. But my legs get a bit of a break before the last two hard days. I find 5k swims great for having a strong swim the entire swim. It really stops the fading that can happen in the final k of Ironman. I tried 6k and didn’t find it helped more that 5k so that’s why that’s my long swim. I am sure more is more but for me I found it’s not worth the extra effort.