Days 8, 9 and 10.

Day 8 

“I need something to lift me up when I’m down / I get lost in my head for so long, I can’t get out / When I’m feeling like I’m crawling in my skin and sinking down / I need something to lift me up / I wanna elevate” -Papa Roach 

Day 8 came and found some tired legs and a body about to break. But while my lower body was trashed my swim muscles still had the ability for a good go in them. So I capped off the the last 7 days that saw 20000 long course meters (50 meter pool vs 25 yards: legit harder) with 10 x 100 on 1:21-1:25. Good for me. Really though it’s all about the volume. About being able to swim 3.8k tempo and to do that you need good form (I always do 500-1000 form work per swim) and just a lot of volume. I feel really good about my swim now after that 20k week. I will do another big week and 2 more 5k swims but this is past 7 days of 20k is really the standard for top swimming for a triathlete. It didn’t hurt to have a bunch of college swimming crushing it next to me in ASU, UCF and team USA swim caps. I get so pumped by serious athletes. 

After that it was an easy 10k and a trip to the cryotherapy chamber. I have been using ice baths for my entire career (or cold oceans and rivers lol) and found them helpful so I was curious to check this out and got a hook up. The science and jury is still out but my first impressions was it for sure didn’t make anything worse and I suspect it helped. But I am in so much physical distress at this point i can’t imagine anything making every pain, soreness and inflammation better. That said it’s an “interesting” 3 minutes spent at -166 and got my skin temp down to 17 degrees. So if you happen to be a masochist you might just enjoy it for it’s own sake. Lol. 

Day 9 

Today was a track workout with the main set being 8 x 800. I died on the last one and ran 3:04 but did the best one in 2:51 and hit 2:55-2:58 for the others. I am tired but still s good effort considering. Never the less I was kinda hoping for a few seconds faster. Oh well. It is day 9. 

After that I dragged myself to the pool. Pretty sure an itu world champ was next to me but even that couldn’t get my head right as I swam 4K and struggled to enjoy even a single stroke. Lol.  I am cooked. Main set was 3 x 300 with paddles. I am clearly strong and swim fit. 

After a nice breakfast and some time laying on my back staring at the ceiling wishing for death I got out and road. For pure speed work I bookended the camp with cross races because holy heck those are hard! But I wanted a third mid camp hard one and went to a throw back session I love. After a long warm up it’s: 2-3–2-3 that’s 2 min big gear for strength then 3 min all out for speed then 2 more minutes big gear for more strength then 3 minutes recovery spin nice and easy. I did 4 rounds of that and it went surprisingly well! But I can tell the wheels are coming off. 

Day 10 Recovery 

Merry Christmas 🎄🎁 when I looked at the timing of this training I knew I would be skipping Christmas at home which is always hard but I was just impossible to not. But I pushed through 9 days straight of training and really needed a recovery day off sooner but I figured I would have to take today off because the training center is closed and also I wanted to make today a big special for myself and easier emotionally so I am off to Harry Potter world! Yeah, I know, you didn’t know my death metal loving, evil racing cult spewing demon self would be a big dork? Well there you have it! Merry Christmas y’all.