Days 6 and 7

Day 6 

“Madre te sento bajo mid pies”

My long runs all fall sucked. I was slow and heavy. Miserable and stiff. When I saw I was running my normal pace of 7:35 for this workout I had hope that today might be a good one. I clicked off the rolling miles and finished up the 20 in exactly 7:35 pace. Fueling with MYSPRING GELS, pace, effort and mind were all on point. Ice bath a protein bar by PUREFIT and some food and I was right as rain.

Normally a 20 mile run is a mic drop on the day but this is epic final prep training so the afternoon saw 3k swim and…god help me… a legit gym session. At my age I have to keep the strength work going and I wanted max time to recover so I crushed the gym after a 20 miler. It was so insane I was actually preppy pumped. Something about doing something that stupid hard gets me going. 

DAY 7 

Today was 130 mile zone 2 ride. I love throwing one of these epic over distance workouts in. My legs were pretty trashed from the 20 miler and gym work but, heck, it’s not hard work, just long work. And on the first day when it starts getting lighter out why not ride 8 out of the 9 hours? 

8 hours of riding and you have some pretty intense thoughts and ideas. Lots of time to think and feel. The mind is line fire: it can cook your food or burn your house down. Make sure to mind your mind.