Days 4 and 5

Day 4: Dia de Murte Brick 

I was dead, now I’m living- Papa Roach 

The weather for tomorrow was heavy rain so I moved my death brick up a day. Somehow I swam 3k at dawn as a prelude to the big work. 

Backing up the brick to the track workout the day prior wasn’t ideal but my legs on the bike were great. I found the “hilly 100” grand fondo route and took the worst 25 miles and did that 4 times for 104 miles (had to also do 4 miles of the run course to drop a bottle for the run). It had a fun little poke up local climb Sugar Bush Mountain which has a nice view from the top and it turns out it doesn’t get smaller on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th time! I kept the pedal down and did it 4 hour and 59 minutes and was stoked bc it was a beast of a ride with some wind too. Mentally it’s critical to push hard the whole time which isn’t easy. There is a desire to take the foot off the gas but you can’t , all you can do is take a My Spring Gel and go faster (I suggest one with caffeine at moments like that). I had a few “fun” moments when I was screaming crazy things. The course was a pretty good approximation of Israman (excluding the first 12 miles of brutal climbing). 

 Off the bike my run legs felt like crap and I crawled 5 miles in 40 minutes and just got it done. Total time 6:30 SBR with all of it hard. I am crushed. 

Day 5: 

Today is an easier day…thank gods. With thunderstorms all day I got up before the day broke and swam 3300LCM. The pool is outside and It was pouring rain and the rain drops hitting the water was sublime. Like a mirror above and below the water each drop danced in its mirror image. 

After that it was an easy trail run in pouring rain for what felt like no good reason at the time lol. All done before 8 to avoid the thunderstorms. The PM was some recovery work in the form of a yoga class; then some core and strength/movement work. 

Here is the recovery /  strength swim workout if your wondering: warm up 500 easy. 500 zone 2. 3 x 100 kick. 7 x 100 as 50 swim/50 drill. 12 x 100 alt swim / paddles. 2 x 100 cool down.