Day 3

Day 3 

Burn it all again at a million degrees- Slipknot 

Today was a break through for me. I haven’t run well all fall and was worried. I was also fat. Anyways today was a cracker and with some ppl there to push me I came good. Workout was 4 x 200, 4 x 400, 2 x 800,4 x 400, 4 x 200. I did the 200s on 40, the 400 on 1:19 and the 800s on 2:29. I hadn’t done much under a 6 min pace until now. Running in cold and with 20 lbs of stuff on didn’t help and today was just perfect conditions and with a coach and ppl to push me it just all came right. This is a massive step up for me. 

Of course that was 1 of 5 workouts today. 

I had a nice 60 min with a focus on strength with paddles. 30 minutes of core and strength-mobility work, then a recovery ride and lastly yoga. All day I was either training, recovering from training, or getting ready to train! What a day! I am so pumped. 

So much love to Myn Choice for great clothing, Boston Commons Coffee: rocket fuel for the soul, Pure Fit for the best vegan gluten free protein bar ever, Xterra Wetsuits: win the swim, My Spring Energy Gels: all natural no energy spikes and crashes, Brooks: fast kicks, Strong Like Bull the worlds coolest training community and Spanish Adventure, Valdora TT bikes: smarter designs, and Hate and inner demons: pure sweet hate and inner demons always there with you.