DAY 1 and 2

Day 1 and 2 

“New does not best. I am sick of being right about everything I said.” Slipknot 

I am racing Israman. The hardest race I ever did. Training the last few months have been solid and I am stoked to just focus and crush it then next two weeks and figured it’s fun to hear what that’s like? So here is my journal of full time training. 

Day 1: 

I am Pumped, so pumped (after crushing Boston common Coffee)  so I hit the gym early to do an hour of core, light strength / Mobility work and yoga before heading to a brutal cross event. Cold and boring rain. And worse it was a cat 1/2/3/4 race so they made it long. Worse they clearly miscalculated the length of the race so the total race time was 1:06 hours. Most cross events are 40-50 minutes and so going all out for that extra 15 was great training! I didn’t finish high but I got into a battle that kept me going max out and I am grateful for the push. 

A My Spring Gel and it was off to do an easy 50 minute run after to polish off the day with a recovery bar from Pure Fit.

Day 2: was a 5k Swim LCM. Did a 3.8k (IM distance) simulation race swim with 200 all out and then 800 tempo to simulate the start. Finished in 59:30. Felt good.  I popped a My Spring Gel to keep going for another set.

Then 1000 more of drills and such to make the 5k mark. Did a nice little reckThe rest of the day is traveling to Florida to the National Training Center to get work! Love being around other motivated athletes, and having good weather after slogging it out in cross races and 200k rides in snow.