Clearing The Way

As a lawyer Before I work, I clean my office. As I clean I touch all the files and notes, letters and papers that I need to address. Each time I touch one of them I do the task that needs to be done. This gets the ball of productive rolling and gets me focused so once my office is clean and distraction free I can tackle the bigger tasks of the day. 

The same is true for me as an athlete. As I looked forward there was a lot of clutter that needed organizing. Sponsors needed to be reached out too. Shoes ordered, bike parts, non training work obligations that I need to do and clear away so I could focus, and of course the big projects: picking a race, making a training plan, and doing the basic foundational training to get the ball rolling. That’s what the last three weeks has been for me. 

Training was focused on 3 strength sessions a week, a long base ride (built up to 5 hours) a long base run (built up to 2 hours) and swim form. After three good weeks of that, and life organized I am ready to focus on the bigger task at hand. Returning to the ironman distance this winter at Israman. 

My calendar is clear, it’s time to focus and slay this! 7F5B806E-49B7-46D1-8F82-60648FFF183E