2018 Race Recap Part 2.


After that it was off to ITU world championships in Denmark where I was representing the pro team for USA. I had the swim of my life and came out on the heals of some very good athletes. Sadly it was obvious that I spent the last two years only running and just wasn’t good enough for a world class field on the bike. OR maybe I just was having a bad day. I really don’t know. But the result was that I turned in a really bad bike. I compounded this bad bike with taking the first 10 of the 30k run way too hard and walk-ran the last 20k in disgrace. I crossed the finish line and cried because I was so disappointed in myself and my performance but it happens and after many years of racing I know it’s part of the game. 

A few weeks later and still pretty tired I lined up for the Block Island Tri. My hometown race of sorts. Again I lead out of the water but the past champ came screaming by me on the bike and again I was shocked that my bike just wasn’t there. I ran down a kid going to Kona to grab the 3rd spot on the podium out of 500 athletes so not exactly a bad day, and two out of three disciplines isn’t bad right lol???? 

Next up was the Pawling Cross series. Yep, I found some early season cycling-cross to do because I NEED to work on my biking ASAP! I had the worst start you can imagine and failed to clip in properly and was at the back of the field into the first turn. I spent the next 30 minutes making up for that mistake chasing in a nice rain fall on a muddy course when I ended up the caboose of a train of riders that were 3rd,4th,5th, and 6th. 3rd and driving the train was my teammate Kyle if C3 Racing and it was a chore to follow at his effort. Good for me, and bad for him, he rolled his tire off his rim. At some point the guy in front of me crashed and the guy in front of that guy later crashed, while I went with a My Spring Gel because if you add the warm up time I needed some calories. I think that is why I didn’t crash, and just like that I was 3rd and napped the final podium spot and a little cash. Everyone was muddy, bloody and happy, yay cross! 

The Tyathlon in Mahopac NY, was the final race of the year and it’s among the best. A supper well run, really well supported event, it has an open elite field that was nicely full with maybe 30 people and two college teams. I got a great swim start and gapped everyone but my friend Michael who hung on until I accelerated around the final turn and got a little gap on him. After that I put in 30-120 seconds on everyone else and that really was the only thing that mattered it turns out as that was the winning gap over everyone else. I road the course 1 minutes faster then two years ago and ran super hard after taking a My Spring Energy Gel to the turn around before realizing I had a 2 minute lead and could enjoy the run back to the finish line for a really enjoyable win. This race is dear to me because it’s a charity event for a friend who lost his 4 year old Ty to cancer and you can’t help but be moved when you hear the father speak about why he organizes and does this race and I saw him on the course and got to cheer for him which was very special. And by cheer I mean shout curses and encouragement for him to climb the biggest hill on the course with me 🙂 

So that’s a rap on 2018!