Zen Tri Day 4

“Southern California will destroy you.” – Bad Religion

Day 4 came and people seemed to want to suck up every second and at 6 am the house was buzzing. A bunch of us headed out on a run along the beach for an hour. When we returned we meet up with the rest of the camp an did an hour of trails and single track over local hills. Nice 2 hours of running and effortless and mentally easy.

After that we chilled and watched video to review our swim form and run form on a giant screen tv. Ouch. I love seeing myself on tv but felt naked when I realized how much I do wrong!

We also had our last meal together where Christine Lynch who gained the nickname Christine Lunch, put out all kinds of super foods. You know your eating right when your eating salad wrapped in…more salad!

To save room I road to my main homeboy Morgan’s house and took a detour up full on Double Peak the local 5k climb that hangs out at 17 percent. Got a nice 2 hour ride in which I rarely do on long run days. But southern California makes you want to train.

(photo: athletes running and hanging)