2018 Race Recap Part 1


I did some races this year and needed to give the quick and dirty version of how it went 🙂

After Am Zof I did a local sprint in Bridgeport CT and the Seaside Sprint. The totally closed course in a town park was great and I had the need, the need for speed. Well sadly maybe the need for speed work! This was the only short race I have done in years and it was obviously I had lost a step. I still took second over all losing out by only a few seconds to some young fast kid. 

After that it was The quassy CT classic: the Pat Griskus tri. The original race in this theme park is a classic with a brutally hard bike course. I found myself out of the water 4Th behind a trio of college and high school swimmers! Damn they know how to crush the water! Out on my Valdora bike I found my way to the front and ran away with the win…or not???? A guy in a wave behind me was smashing it and had a better chip Time! Gah! Another second place! 

After that it was Winding Trails off road tri where I lead out of the water in my fancy and fast xterra wetsuit suit!  This summer classic was HOT. Like 90 degrees. I got caught on my heavy old Mt Bike as we hit T2 (I really need an ERC carbon MT bike!) and while the run was close I did some short course tricks like surging on corners and made a 10-20 second gap on the 5k trail run and crossed the line with my first win of the year finally! Lol.