Bomb A$$ Ital stew (Rasta stew)

Heat some garlic and onions at the bottom of a pot with a touch of oil. Add coconut milk (I go with light bc it’s more low cal and I can’t taste a real difference).

Add in chopped yucca, string beans, carrots, and other veggies. If you don’t come across yucca in your life you are likely racist/classist and finding yucca will be an eye opening experience as to why building boarder walls is stupid. Cook on low until dope. Add kale before it too late.

Season with a ton of pepper and hot sauce and salt to taste. Adding a touch of curry can be fun.

Serve over red beans and rice.


Buy two vegan pie crusts bc an’t nobody got time to make that.

In a sauce pan rock some garlic and onions. Add veggie broth. Add string beans, carrots, peas, cubed potatoes and what not and cook that until rad. then using flour sprinkle it like Magic fairy dust until it’s exactly as thick as it should be. Add salt and more pepper than is sane and then pour that gloop into the pie crust and put the other on top. Making it an anarchy or pentagram top is strongly encouraged but not by capitalists. Bake that at like 350f and About 30-45 minutes later your good.

Serve with vaccines for kids.