Spain Travel Guild

Spain travel guild

Over the years people have come to SLB and wanted to travel around. Maybe they have a friend or partner meet up with them, or maybe they just want to extend the trip without spending it on a bike. I have taken a vacation after most years and here is what so here is what I have done and what I suggest.

The easiest thing to do is leave your bike at the camp and rent a car and drive around. Antequera where we are based out of is the cortison De Andalucia (the heart of Andalusia. It’s dead center between Sevilla, cordoba, Granada and Malaga. Each of those cities is worth seeing.)

Seville is the capital of Andalusia and super romantic. The canal at sunset is sublime. The gardens are Dorn from Game of Thrones and worth visiting even if you aren’t a fan. There is an iconic tower attached to the Cathedral and is also amazing and the views wonderful. Sevilla also haves the best food I have found. I strongly suggest Casa Paco, El Palagar and Bar Eslava for some of the best authentic tapas style food.

Córdoba is smaller but historically no less important. Home to the first university it’s why western society didn’t lose all knowledge during the dark ages. It’s home to the Moscita one of the cooler bits of architecture from the Moorish empire that ruled here. It’s old thick ancient walls are pretty dope too.

Granada is my favorite place on earth and pure magic. The Alhambra is a world heritage site and full of history. The Albazin, a famous old neighborhood is one of the best places to rent a hotel room and walking the old narrow streets and will make you fall in love. It’s happened to me thrice. The Moorish baths called the Hammon is also blissful and relaxing and totally zen. The food is amazing as is the punk-metal scene at the club El Tran.

Sevilla and Granada are also home to flamenco and for sure check out a show if your in the area.

Malaga is the most diverse city and perhaps the least Spanish. But with beaches and such it’s popular and fun. Famous for legit night life you can get your party on. But it’s also home to Pablo Picasso’s house and museum and other cool historical stuff. It also is home to a top tier soccer program for those looking to take in a match which is great fun.

Gilbrator is also close by and you can go get poop thrown at you by monkeys and also bump shoulders with Brits. You can also pass into Africa there via ferry but I suggest you plan more than a day trip as the better cities in Morocco are deeper inside the country.

Rhoda is a smaller town but amazingly pretty; as it’s a two mountain top city with a famous bridge that spans the two peaks. It’s a very cool stop over for sure.

For those looking to go a bit father away I love Barcelona and Madrid. Madrid can be done as a layover as many airlines fly through there. As the capital it is a Spain it’s a major city and the Prado is one of the worlds best museums. The Goya collection will slay you. Barcelona is one of the worlds foremost centers for art, music and culture in the world and worth a trip. This vibrant City will have you up all night. I strongly suggest the classic guitar show held in the old nunnery.

Those looking to hit other countries can fly through Dublin, London, Paris and Portugal. You can find info on London and Paris anywhere but Dublin and Ireland are less traveled and dope. That time of year is 50s and mild so the improvement in weather is nice. Ireland had the friendliest people anywhere and they speak English, kinda. I would plan 2-3 days in Dublin and check out Battle Of the Axe comedy show, the Rose metal bar down the street and Viking museum and of course every pub you can with local music and grub. Also if you have time hit the road and check out the west or north or both. I went surfing in Dunagal and it was rustic and wild. The North has all the Game of Thrones spots you could ever hope to see but also it’s just great to be in the middle of nowhere staring out at the sea. Read the Book of Kells before you go.

SLB athletes loved flying into Lisbon and driving to SLB. A progressive city it’s full of art, culture, and it’s own amazing history and located a days drive away.

so come to SLB and reg here: but feel free to bring others for a great recovery week or vacation before.