SLB 2018: the day I went faster

“Spanish Songs of Andalusia…I am flying in tonight.” – The Clash

First and foremost, reg for next years SLB is open! ! Join us! 8 days per camp and only 1085 if you sign up now! Check out our Facebook and Instra #slb2018 to see all the great photos from this year! It’s a great community, great people and a great experience all for super cheap (1/3 the price of other camps like it). We have a certified health food chef, pro photographer, two pros-coaches a good wrench and all the sun, mountains and pain, errrr training, you could ask for!

As for this blog post: today was dia de rapido. My training goals at the start was simple. Train enough to train. Since moving to Spartan racing I had ridden a bike only a handful of times in the last 14 months. So I simply needed “tits” aka time-in-the-saddle as they call it (I don’t call it thay bc it’s vulgar). So my goal for the camp was to just ride and ride and ride. Which is exactly what we do here. But after doing a 100 mile ride with 7000 feet of climbing I felt good about my tits; that sounded wrong but you get it. It’s nice to have good tits?

So now it’s time for some intensity and for that I mixed in some super hard work and tried to drill a few parts of rides, basically intervals within longer rides and one ride where I “only” road for 2 hours but Did two brutal efforts. One flat to mimic the course I hope to focus on and the other a steady climb because I love it: Cuesta Del Romeral which is a lovely 5% and 4k long (1000 feet). Both were done at above LT effort and hurt like a mofo Hahahah. Crushed a honey Burst Energy Gel half way up which helped. Also had A Pure Fit bar as recovery so I could hike El Torcal and hang with some wild mountain goats.

my near future: hard work to get my cycling back on par. I will likely be jumping into some longer road races at Coxsackie too. Feels good to be able to do hard work! Feels great to be a cyclist again.FB5CD2FC-867E-4A5B-91FA-B3F67387CDB8