SLB 7.0 2018. High Adventures in the Great Outdoors

Photo by Larry Rosa

Photo by Larry Rosa

“Ooh child, things are gonna get easier. Things will get brighter. some day day, yeah, we will put it together and get it done, when you head is much lighter. Some day we will walk in the rays of a beautiful sun, some day when the world is much brighter than right now.”

Yesterday we did the first ride in this area I ever did: the Puerta Del Sol, or the door to the sun. It didn’t disappoint as the sun was out the clouds vanished and the views from the high local passes showed the snow capped mountains and warm sea in different directions. I only road my bike a handful of times in the last 13 months and I feel myself getting stronger here daily.

We train here in two different ways. We have intervals, carefully calculated power outputs and constructed plans designed by coaches crunching numbers with algorithms and biofeedback.

We also just have “high adventures in the great outdoors.” (A book by Henry Rollins has that title) With brutal and awesome landscapes we simply design rides and try to survive them, pushing to keep up with the rider ahead. And like that we find our heart and mind find new numbers we didn’t know we could reach. We do more (way more) than we ever thought we could and the training becomes the test, event, and reward. People come here to train for races later on, and people come here because this is the event. Personally I love training this way because it makes it so much more fun. Way more fun than indoor rides in cold winters darkness.

I think it’s good to ask:do you want a finisher metal or really do you want and epic memory? I think the metal just codifies the memories. SLB is an epic memory factory that you carry with you in your legs for the rest of the season and in your mind (and social media) for the rest of your life.

The ride we did was 87 miles and 6700 feet of climbing (I added 13 miles and another 1000 feet to get in the century) and at the end of that you smile because you know you did something amazing. You love the experience and if you want you can go on to race your best later in the year.