SLB 6.0 2018 Mission Statement

“Let’s fly away into the light of a brand new sun.” – Bad Brains

We are, for better and worse, social creatures. We romanticize the lone wolf archetype but the reality is, we need each other to be our best, or to even be at all (in my other life as a part time public defender I have seen clients become intensely mentally ill when our in solitary confinement).

SLB seems to really support this idea: together we push ourselves more. We stop limiting ourselves and start reaching our potential and redefine what we thought was even possible. We go faster, rather and higher daily. Encouraged and even dared to reset our own expectations.

We do that here on purpose. We want you to leave here a different athlete. For the rest of your year and season and even career as an athlete you will forever know that you can do more than you thought you could. SLB is the landscape, the sun, the coaches and chef, but it’s first and foremost the squad, the people that come here and give to each other as much as they get. That was always our goal and I feel gratitude to everyone that helped us reach it.

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