SLB 4.0 2018

“Yo he estado aqui muchas veces antes y regreso” – AFI (I have been here many times before and I return)

I finally am swimming for real, after a long break to focus on OCR racing. It feels great. I never thought I would missing swimming as it’s a bit of the more mind numbing of the three sports. But with a masters style workout the meters pass easier, and are more fun.

I am also just enjoying doing different things. Sports was always more about an adventure than a vocation for me. I like that SLB feels that way too. We train, but we also explore. We mix hard work with a sense of adventure and excitement to see cool things and experience a new place. If your the kind of athlete that misses seeing a rainbow over an ancient volcano because you are looking at your power meter, maybe your missing part of the fun?

But here is the thing: the more fun you make training the more you train. The more you train the better you are. So in the end, fun is very serious.