We get good athletes here. Today we pushed ourself hard in some fast pace line work. Daily we push each and challenge each other. And at the end of the day we are all shelled. Then after the ride I see Adam Carr the SLB pro rider drilling it on Cuesta El Romaral the local good climb at 4K and 1000 vertical feet.


last year here I remember Laurel Wassner being the first in the water and the last one out. She did 1500 while everyone else was in the locker rooms. She went on to win an Ironman after that.

When no one is looking so you bury yourself? Are you driven by the cheers and praise of the guys, or an inner voice that makes you want your dreams like you want air? When it’s easy to go home do you pass your own drive way, your buddies, a hot shower, food and coffee to go do more work? Your not a pro the day everyone is watching, your a pro all the days that no one is.

Doing Work

Doing Work

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