SLB Entry 2.0 for 2018

The first two days were hard!

The first 48 hours were back to back 70+ mile rides with bonus workouts of swims and runs. It’s so great to have such great athletes here pushing each other to do more, train harder and be better all while being chill, funny and just bringing endless good times! SLB is basically a laugh factory fueled by dumb awesome jokes and exhausted athletes that find things VERY funny.
We are also super stoked to have Larry Rosa, Triathlon’s best photodog snapping pics and running support! What a bonus! Also holistic health chef Kristen of Soul Shine Kitchen is fueling the camp with amazing grub and putting out meals for 20 people a day!
I personally am feeling my tri fitness return after a long two years focused on OCR and it’s coming back quickly in this special (and hard af) place. Train 5+ hours a day and you get fit or die.
I might die.
Clothing in photo is MYN Choice