SLB Entry 1.0 for 2018

Set up: The day before the days.

The day before the days is almost the hardest. Running around nuts after an all night flight to get vans, shop for 20 ppl, get to the cortijo, build 20 bikes then pick up 20 athletes, pick up their bikes, and somehow even get in a light workout. I am so tired from not training I can’t wait to train!
But I figured with all this talk of set up for the camp I could talk about the set up of me: my pre-SLB training. I started back up again 12/12/17 with a mix of yoga, strength training and light running and cycling. After a few weeks super easy training it was time to get to work.
Thankfully for me the snow came and I got to cross country ski a ton. My heart rate was nice and solid for an hour or two a day and my dog loved it! I mixed in cycling and running too but the key workouts came in the gym as I use early season to work on muscle mass and strength. Key for skinny athletes and athletes over 34.
Here is a sample gym workout:
Warm up 20 minutes with 3 x 30 seconds pick ups on rowing machine. Main set: Leg press, calf raises, squats, jumping lunges with 10lbs med ball, kettlebell swing-squats, core.
Each workout is followed by a vegan PURE FIT PROTEIN BAR.
Ok. Time for the first big ride of the camp!