Zentri Day 2

“California ubber alias California ubber alias.” – Dead Kennedys

day started with a sweet run along the beach at dawn. My man Billy Boy took it out to hard and I struggled to not get dropped so I decided to lift the pace to “uncomfortable” on the way back when I found my legs, because I am kind of a dick like that.

After that it was a kick ass movement class on swimming with Jessi. She do kicks ass. Dry land drills and movement are so where it’s at. For the first time I was “reaching” properly. Mostly bc Jessi told me to think rotation from the hip, not focusing on the “reach” which made me think of my hand. This is a massive improvement.

After that we went swimming and it was great to really focus on drills. We were in the water for a long time so weight have but in some yards but the key was form form form, movement movement movement.

Then we ate a super health mean made by Christine Lynch. If you don’t eat like she cooks your gonna die soon and painfully. She is the light and the way…for food.

Then we hit a new strength and conditioning gym here in So Cal Ezia’s which if your in the hood you must check out. Plus it was right next to the offices of Transworld the home the skate and snowboard mags I crew up on!

After that it was off to the track. I never do track work and never this early in the year but, hey, trying new things is nice. We did a full 30-45 minutes of movement, drills and warm up first. Nice business and i got a ton of stuff to incorporate into my coaching and workouts.

Then we did a hard track workout. I did a mile on 5:44 which was a nice surprise considering I had 20+ miles in 48 hours already. Then I did 4 x 400 on 1:15-1:18. Then another sub 6 mile. Ouch.

Another day here in heaven.