SLB Entry 2.0 for 2018
Doing Work

SLB Entry 2.0 for 2018

The first two days were hard!

The first 48 hours were back to back 70+ mile rides with bonus workouts of swims and runs. It’s so great to have such great athletes here pushing each other to do more, train harder and be better all while being chill, funny and just bringing endless good times! SLB is basically a laugh factory fueled by dumb awesome jokes and exhausted athletes that find things VERY funny.
We are also super stoked to have Larry Rosa, Triathlon’s best photodog snapping pics and running support! What a bonus! Also holistic health chef Kristen of Soul Shine Kitchen is fueling the camp with amazing grub and putting out meals for 20 people a day!
I personally am feeling my tri fitness return after a long two years focused on OCR and it’s coming back quickly in this special (and hard af) place. Train 5+ hours a day and you get fit or die.
I might die.
Clothing in photo is MYN Choice
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SLB Entry 1.0 for 2018

Set up: The day before the days.

The day before the days is almost the hardest. Running around nuts after an all night flight to get vans, shop for 20 ppl, get to the cortijo, build 20 bikes then pick up 20 athletes, pick up their bikes, and somehow even get in a light workout. I am so tired from not training I can’t wait to train!
But I figured with all this talk of set up for the camp I could talk about the set up of me: my pre-SLB training. I started back up again 12/12/17 with a mix of yoga, strength training and light running and cycling. After a few weeks super easy training it was time to get to work.
Thankfully for me the snow came and I got to cross country ski a ton. My heart rate was nice and solid for an hour or two a day and my dog loved it! I mixed in cycling and running too but the key workouts came in the gym as I use early season to work on muscle mass and strength. Key for skinny athletes and athletes over 34.
Here is a sample gym workout:
Warm up 20 minutes with 3 x 30 seconds pick ups on rowing machine. Main set: Leg press, calf raises, squats, jumping lunges with 10lbs med ball, kettlebell swing-squats, core.
Each workout is followed by a vegan PURE FIT PROTEIN BAR.
Ok. Time for the first big ride of the camp!
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Lets Go To Spain!

As I pack up my things for the 2018 trip to kick off training for the year, I don’t know where to start this post because I spent most of last year writing for the Warrior Pak blog ( I will still proudly be using there gear for OCR!). I am gonna skip a whole bunch, because all of 2017 was insane. I got divorced, I won a third Spartan Race Ultra Beast world title. I felt great going into the ironman in Israel but had bike problems (my fault because I built my bike and didn’t do the headset right and had death wobble) and wasted a great swim and good run. I did well at some other OCR races too. But as the year ended I knew I wanted to return to tri in 2018 so here I am back on the bike and will be in the pool again. With the re-boot of tri, I figured it was time for a re-boot of the blog!

Training this year got off to a slow start as I had to heal a broken ankle (and heart) and torn ligament that I raced through most of 2017. But the break was mentally good for me too, I was tired from the Israman winters and OCR summers so starting 2018 off with rest was good.

What wasn’t good was the amount of break n bake cookies I ate! And dollar pizza. So in the 10 weeks I was off, I put on 10 lbs plus I had 5 pounds of muscle from OCR that I need to drop for tri. I got about 1/2 that weight off now before heading to SLB because I knew the mountains of Spain aren’t getting any smaller.

I picked up some new sponsors: check out Energy Bust Gels, MYN Choice Cycling stuff and Boston Common Coffee!

Spartan World Title
Spartan World Title
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Join Team Continuum

Join a great team!
Join a great team!

Want to support kids with cancer? Want free entry into some of the best races and camps? Want free coaching from me? Join and get all of that!

We have Races for the Sold out NYC Marathon, Berlin Marathon, and NYC Triathlon. We also have spots for the Chicago half marathon and Boston Half Marathon. Lastly we now have spots for My famed winter Spanish training camps! Join us!

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Coaching For 2017
Screaming at my athlete because I care. A lot.

Coaching For 2017

Screaming at my athlete because I care. A lot.
Screaming at my athlete because I care. A lot.

Will you be your greatest in 2017? I still have a spot or two left for 2017 if you want personalized, individual coaching to help you reach your goals. With limitless contact, a 100% custom plan, and the motivation and support that can only come from someone who has spend a dozen years as a pro all for 1/2 of what other charge you might want to team up with me! Check out the details on my coaching page or email me:

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Run Clinic Notes
Run Strong even at the end of an Ironman.

Run Clinic Notes

Run Strong even at the end of an Ironman.
Run Strong even at the end of an Ironman.


There is no one perfect run form. Running is personal to the individual and made up of countless biological difference between people. More importantly changing ones stride radically is a highly risky move as the body is broken in to ones stride and changes stress it in new ways countless times with each stride which often results in injury.

But here is what we CAN do and focus on to help increase or speed and efficiency while running:

  • Focus on generating power when pushing off the ground.
  • Having proper body alignment which is tall, strong and straight forward.
  • Relaxing the upper body to save energy and also promote proper swing in the arms and shoulders.
  • Engage the core properly to maintain proper form, provide a strong body to push off of, and to prevent injury.
  • Proper hand tension.
  • Tips for running up and down hill.


Here are a list of drills and warm up movements.

Warm up: Lateral swings. Vertical leg swings. Leg/hip openers. Reverse leg/hip openers.

Drills: Punters. Bounding. Lateral Bounding. Lungs with or without twists. Butt kicks. Marching bands (aka high knees). Bounding. Lateral cross overs. 1-2-3-4 (drive knee and opposite arm.). Running backwards. Slow skipping. Running with potato chips.


When running uphill focus on shortening your stride. Also make sure your running tall and strong, with your back and shoulders stacked on your hips. Set your head and gaze on the top of the hill. Drive off the ground and pick up the knee. Arm swing in time with the stride and really drive the arm. Lastly, make sure to run THROUGH the top of the hill and don’t let up until 10-50 meters past the top.


Make sure to open your stride. Lean forward slightly. Relax your shoulders and let the swing in a relaxed way but always moving in a forward motion.


You want to have a mix of abs, obliques. and lower back, also engaging hip-flexors and other muscles in the core area.Build up to three rounds of any of the workout belows

Workout #1


regular plank 30-60+ seconds. Side plank right side 30-45+ seconds. Side plant left side 30-45+ seconds.

Workout #2

10-20+ leg lifts. 10-20 leg openers (holding feet 3-6 inches off ground open and close legs). 10-20 Supermans.

Workout #3

20-50+ crunches. 20-40+ bicycles. 10-20 bridges.

To everyone that came this weekend: Thanks for coming out for the Run Clinic, sponsored by Team Continuum. Below is a write up of the clinic as a reminder for you. Also don’t forget John is also the coach of Team Continuum a charity that fund raises for kids with cancer and they have free/fund raising spots or his camp Strong Like Bull, as well as, the sold out NYC Marathon and NYC Tri and Berlin Marathon. Plus half’s in Chicago and Boston! You get free coaching by John, a uniform, and also entry if you sign up at
You can email John directly @ with any questions about Team Continuum or running.
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A Letter From Spain

“Would you prefer the easy way? Ok then don’t cry.” – Ani Difranco

Spain comes as a bench mark of my life. The travel, training and being an owner/operator of the came cause stress on all fronts but something about that always seems to show me my cracks in my amor. Maybe that’s a good thing. It’s easy to ignore ones weaknesses when you feel invincible and when you are unstoppable. So Spain is a form of inner fun house mirror. It shows me the worst of me to myself. Distorted and ugly. Brutal and unforgiving. An imagine of me; but only after being stretched to the point of snapping.

Like every freaking time.

But is that so bad? To be humbled? To be reminded I am mortal? Each time I pick myself off the mat, wipe the blood from the corner of my mouth and fight another round. Each time I learn something. Each time I come back strong, better, wiser. I love Spain and SLB, not because it’s a sweet vacation for me; but because it’s the opposite: a trial by fire where I judge myself against myself. Where I see what progress I have made as an athlete, and as a person. This is my 12th year here and each year I have struggled. Each year I have been tested. Each year I find a way to move forward and grow. Yeah I wouldn’t prefer the easy way, and I am not crying about it.

Chilling on the Roof of Spain.
Chilling on the Roof of Spain.
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Coffee Snob ERC Blend!

Coffee Snob: All Me!
It’s here!!!! My own blend! When Boston Commons gave me a chance to make my own blend I got so giddy. Finally after drinking all the worlds coffees all over the world I had a chance to make my own! Here is what I came up with “THE EVIL RACING CULT TRAINING AND RACING BLEND.”
I wanted it to be bold and flavorful so it’s got a strong Ethiopian base. But I also wanted it to have some extra kick so it’s got some arabica (what they drink in Europe) espresso. And lastly it’s got a bit of Kona so it has magic.
Now here is the other thing: Ethiopian is the home of the great runners. Arabica espresso is the drink of euro roadies and the pro peloton. Kona is the home of triathlons most iconic event. That wasn’t by accident.
This bold but not acidic coffee mixes taste, fuel and a touch of the mental aspects of sport.
Thanks again:


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3 Poems In Isreal

Tel Aviv:

Live like it can all end in 8 minutes,
Because it can.
Love like your life depends on it,
Because it does.
Amazing vegan food and vegans.
We caught your infectious laugh sitting outside at a sidewalk cafe.
In the protection of an iron doom.
We came to do an ironman triathlon.
Nothing is sillier than spandex and going in circles.
Nothing more grave than children in camo with machine guns hanging off their shoulders as they balance cell phones and Saphoria bags and navigate the mall like a modern day Vishnu.

Do you laugh louder?
Sing deeper?
Hug longer?
Love bolder?
Tel Aviv. I see you clawing your way into the future. Rough hands from real work.
Rising out of desert trying to make every choice based on your hopes not fears.
Living like it can all end in 8 minutes,
Because it can.
Loving like your life depends on it.
Because it does.


We toasted ‘next time in Jerusalem”
In Jerusalem.
For the third time.
So now we get ice cream.
I will have mine on Jafa Street.
Watching break dancing to electric violin, after seeing earnest young men in their first bands.
everywhere a stranger.
Everywhere else strange.

No one knows home like a wander.
And finally again home. Here.
Fiercely home.
This cross roads of east and west.
Of old and ancient.
Stepping through Dung Gate.
Stepping back 2000 years.
Walls and domes and walls and tombs and walls.
Let he who is without sin cast the first stone and try to not hit a nerve.
I only pray in all of Jerusalem. I only pray for all of Jerusalem.

The Negev:

Standing here watching the sunrise over Jordan
And Moonset over Egypt
And I can feel myself sinking in this Great Rift

The Dead Sea can’t get more lifeless
And it’s vanishing in the process
The sunrise over Jordan use to be magic
But standing here alone it just feels tragic
I made a wish in Jafa but black hawks were in the way
So the Sea said no and said come back another day.
And I can feel the direction of the plates shift
And I can feel us drift
And I know this Valley is getting deeper
And I sink deeper into this rift.
Endless anxiety and insecurity
And rules and walls don’t bring security
An endless horizon that never fills no matter how much I love you, Negev.
I am standing on the edge of crater.
That collapsed under the wait of water.
When things are fluid they are the most destructive.
Water scares and marks this desert.
Wearing the scares doesn’t tell you where you are. Just where you have been.
But your not alone here.
The sun is rising over Jordan.
The moon is over Egypt.

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Coaching for 2017

Will you be your greatest in 2017? I still have a spot or two left for 2017 if you want personalized, individual coaching to help you reach your goals. With limitless contact, a 100% custom plan, and the motivation and support that can only come from someone who has spend a dozen years as a pro all for 1/2 of what other charge you might want to team up with me! Check out the details on my coaching page or email me:


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