Motivation Monday

Absolutism isn’t a moment, it’s a path. Why try? Why not just give up? Hang it up? I wish I had better answers. I wish I have more than just intuitions. I wish I could explain to you; how a fire inside me; that became a drive to empty myself; which turned into habits; which just became a life of training myself as hard I can; racing as hard as I can; doing all the little things I could. So that on one day, I could cross a finish line and simply know I did my absolute best.

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Training Camp 1 (NC / Florida)

“I don’t mind the sun sometimes and the imagines it shows.” -Butthole Surfers

So here is my training for this last trip….

S: long run / swim in nyc. Cold! Gross! Get me out of here!
M: swim long, and nice hard gym-strength sessions.
T: quick swim before hitting the road in the snow! Boooooo!
W: Asheville is so pretty! Cold (20 degrees) but let’s run up mountains! 60 min) ok let’s ride up mountains! 2 hours up hard tempo! 20 miles of a single long steady climb! So sick! 1 hour down with my face freezing!

T: 1 hour mountain repeats running! Up up up! 5 hours all up and down! No flat riding allowed! feed me! Perfect for Israman which is crazy hilly!

F: drive south, it’s too cold here! Land in FL and swim outside in warm weather! Ahhhhhhh

S: swim (long) / 5k race / Hath yoga Look at me, I won 5th place and top masters! I won a Xmess tree for my hotel room here!

S swim (lots of long course outdoor meters. So much joy! bike speed intervals with 5 x 5 min all out. Total madness and brutality/ easy run off the bike / yoga at the national training center. So hippie, so good.

M swim (speed) Churn and burn! / bike strength intervals / easy run….or track workout? You know I picked track! 16 x 400 all out! 1:24-1:27 with 1/2 of them uphill / downhill to simulate israman course! Funny enough the swim speed 100s was also on 1/24-1:27! New game, can you run 400s and do 100 on same pace!?!?!

T long run / swim (strength) Not that bad of a run considering legs blown apart from speed work!

W Xmess NTC is close, but Harry Potter World is open!

T race sim 70 miles Best effort I can rock. Brick run 4 miles at race pace.

F swim (long) / gym-strength work / travel 

S: finish drive (off)

S: welcome back to the cold, let’s race cyclists cross! Too tied to train, so I raced! So stupid it’s smart!!!!

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COACHING FOR 2019-2020

When I am 13th at a race I follow the tradition of putting it upside down. I love the way it looks, and I love endurance sports traditions and superstitions. To make sure all the athletes get quality attention I am limiting my 2020 roaster to 13. I currently have 11. That leaves 2 more to be part of the lucky 13 Evil Racing Cult training squad. Join athletes going to Boston, Athletes going to Kona. Athletes that have taken out pro cards and marathon titles along with people new to the sport, and in it just finish. All talent, experience, and fitness levels accepted and celebrated.

Screaming at my athlete because I care. A lot.

(Screaming at my athlete because I care. A lot.)

I only have 1 type of coaching: with limitless access to me, 100% custom, 100% individual training plan, interactive training log, and discounts on product sponsors.

I don’t have 1 size fits no-one plans. My coaching philosophy is that athletes are individuals who need individual plans, to help them get the most out of themselves. I believe that the best coaches need to listen more than talk. I believe that we need to build a partnership and relationship as athlete-coach to craft the best plan, workouts and strategies for making you the best you can be, while addressing all the issues that we all face (limited amount of time and energy.)    You are a person, you have a full life, your training plan needs to reflect that.

For over a decade I have worked with hundreds of athletes and because of my two way communication I not only provided the best type of coaching but have learned and amassed a huge amount of feedback about what works and what doesn’t. I have read the science, read the training books, gone to the lectures, read the online information, but beyond that I have tested all of the science against the real world training: my coaching is based on where the lab meets the street (or pool), where the rubber meets the road. I also work closely with with heath counselor on diet, nutrition and other aspects of the plan along with strength and conditioning coaches and bring them on to help build and contribute to your plan so you plan is often the reflection of several people working together.

Lastly, I am a serious pro, with 10+ years on the pro rack. I am filled with passion, excitement, and love of the sport. Being the squad means not only getting a custom training plan, objective feed back, but also as much emotional, and motivational support as well; its a holistic, mind and body to approach to kicking ass. (You think you do race with just your legs and arms?)

I have taken athletes to world champioships (kona, ITU, USAT Nationals, 70.3 World Championships) and have gotten people that never thought they would finish ironman to the finish. I coach other pro triathlete elite runners, pro cyclists and ultra marathon champions but am just as excited to work with first timers looking to reach a goal.  I want to work with anyone that wants to work, talent isn’t what I look for first. You bring a good attitude, I will bring knowledge, passion, and experience. You want to do this email me: evilracingcult [at] gmail [ dot] com ( don’t use the comment section here)

Oh and I am also the cheapest around, at only 115 dollars a month with no start up fees or other fees. I also have team deals saving over 50% off shoes, wetsuits, sunglasses and helmets. Moreover I use free software so you need not pay for any soft wear such as or other sites.


I am also an ultra runner world champion and have coached others to ultra marathon wins and finishes. I have also worked with elite runners and marathon champions and countless runners to marathon finishes. So runners, PLEASE know I am here to coach you too!

To begin the transformation and to chase your goals email me

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Run Clinic Notes

Run Strong even at the end of an Ironman.
Run Strong even at the end of an Ironman.


There is no one perfect run form. Running is personal to the individual and made up of countless biological difference between people. More importantly changing ones stride radically is a highly risky move as the body is broken in to ones stride and changes stress it in new ways countless times with each stride which often results in injury.

But here is what we CAN do and focus on to help increase or speed and efficiency while running:

  • Focus on generating power when pushing off the ground.
  • Having proper body alignment which is tall, strong and straight forward.
  • Relaxing the upper body to save energy and also promote proper swing in the arms and shoulders.
  • Engage the core properly to maintain proper form, provide a strong body to push off of, and to prevent injury.
  • Proper hand tension.
  • Tips for running up and down hill.


Here are a list of drills and warm up movements.

Warm up: Lateral swings. Vertical leg swings. Leg/hip openers. Reverse leg/hip openers.

Drills: Punters. Bounding. Lateral Bounding. Lungs with or without twists. Butt kicks. Marching bands (aka high knees). Bounding. Lateral cross overs. 1-2-3-4 (drive knee and opposite arm.). Running backwards. Slow skipping. Running with potato chips.


When running uphill focus on shortening your stride. Also make sure your running tall and strong, with your back and shoulders stacked on your hips. Set your head and gaze on the top of the hill. Drive off the ground and pick up the knee. Arm swing in time with the stride and really drive the arm. Lastly, make sure to run THROUGH the top of the hill and don’t let up until 10-50 meters past the top.


Make sure to open your stride. Lean forward slightly. Relax your shoulders and let the swing in a relaxed way but always moving in a forward motion.


You want to have a mix of abs, obliques. and lower back, also engaging hip-flexors and other muscles in the core area.Build up to three rounds of any of the workout belows

Workout #1


regular plank 30-60+ seconds. Side plank right side 30-45+ seconds. Side plant left side 30-45+ seconds.

Workout #2

10-20+ leg lifts. 10-20 leg openers (holding feet 3-6 inches off ground open and close legs). 10-20 Supermans.

Workout #3

20-50+ crunches. 20-40+ bicycles. 10-20 bridges.To everyone that came this weekend: Thanks for coming out for the Run Clinic, sponsored by Team Continuum. Below is a write up of the clinic as a reminder for you. Also don’t forget John is also the coach of Team Continuum a charity that fund raises for kids with cancer and they have free/fund raising spots or his camp Strong Like Bull, as well as, the sold out NYC Marathon and NYC Tri and Berlin Marathon. Plus half’s in Chicago and Boston! You get free coaching by John, a uniform, and also entry if you sign up at can email John directly @ with any questions about Team Continuum or running.

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Montauk Half IM

I have won the short course race here, and been 7th, and 2nd for the half. Its a brutal course and a big event, one of the last big non WTC events with a nice crop of elite athletes. I got a good swim start but was a bit surprised when I got to the turn around and saw 3 people ahead of me. GAH!

I pushed the pace on the swim back but couldn’t chase back onto the podium by the time we hit lad but did close the gap in T1. Out on the bike I felt flat for the first half. My power was more like full IM the half. After the first half my legs came good and I started feeling better and came back but couldn’t find my way to the front and realistically the top 3 were FLYING. I took the first 5k of the run out hard and then realized I couldn’t catch anyone and cruised in for my 3rd top 10 here.

I am off the North American calendar a bit after building to Israman the full ironman distance at the end of January where I was then forced to take a break to recover. So I have only been back at it for a few months and these guys have been at it all year. But I took some good early season (early for me) hope away from this one, and excited to build to Israman 2020!


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I love this race. Its the best community event I have ever done. Named after a local child Ty, who died of cancer, the race has raised 300,000 for research for fighting childhood cancer. I am the two time champ but this raise promotes elite racing and that really draws good athletes.

I got off to a good start and lead out of the water against some great swimmers and I was PUMPED to see I had dropped everyone. But my joy quickly turned to concern as I was caught a few miles into the bike. I was really concerned when I got passed once more and was in third.

Out on the run I held down the podium, but couldn’t move up and took the bronze but was happy considering the quality of the field.

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Day 15

“lets do something stupid.” – Bobby

When you are too tired to train, race. I know, its dumb, but its so stupid its smart or as my coach Jim Ortel would say, “its so stupid its stupid.” Which is why I told him about this idea AFTER the race. So for day 15 I woke up to cold weather, no longer in Florida and back home in NY, and dragged my exhausted ass out to Sawyer Cross. A race series that STARTS in late December. In fact you may recall that I started this all off with the other race in the series. I love cross because its fun, the “fans” jeer, cheer, throw beer, and its just totally silly to race bikes in snow, mud, and dirt. but its also HARD! Super fast, lots of all out effort, and tons of high end work. Basically the best speed work there is. And with my mind shot, I needed that little extra motivation to that comes with a bib number and someone to chase and someone chasing you.

With not a lot of racers the race is cat 1-4. That is a wide range of talent. Some better, more serious cross riders got off the front and I was in the middle some place battling with others about my talent grade and also battling with a few demons that were tempting me with promises of a hot shower and donuts. But I kept the pedal down and after the longest hour I know I had truly emptied myself one more time spending most of the hour above my lactic threshold and endless 100% max efforts to ride up hills, through sand or to chase someone or drop someone. Big shout out to Boston Commons Coffee for bringing me back from the dead to get to, through, and back from the event, all of which required a coffee. Also much love to My Energy Spring for getting me through the second half of the race. With a hard 40 min warm up, I needed a gel half way through the race and theirs was CRITICAL.


sawyer cross

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Training Camp Days 13 and 14!

“I swear to god that I might just be the death of me.” -Papa Roach

Day 13:
Was when the wheels came off. I started out at dawn for a 20 mile run and I could tell I was off. The first 3 miles I was tight and stiff. Not moving well at ALL. But I kept on going and found a good groove from miles 3-5 and pushed the pace a bit. I hit the 5 mile mark and was really bummed to see my splits. I was 10-20 seconds off my last 20 miler and so I tried to “make it back up” in the next 5 miles. I dug deeper and hit the 10 mile maker and was another minutes off for that segment. I was discouraged but dug EVEN DEEPER STILL and then things got ugly. I was crawling from 13-15 and at 15 I hit bottom. Thankfully I had enough My Spring Gels to get me home. I did a death shuffle just to get home. But hey, cracking is cracking and done is done. Honestly, I think I would be disapointed if I didn’t crack and I know I was really giving it my all.

Day 14
was my trip home and I enjoyed some bad movies as I moved from car to tram, to plane, to cab, to bed.

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Fueled By My Spring Energy

This camp I have been using My Spring Energy Gels. The most all natural real food Gels I have ever tried. The science of them is really smart: they have less sugar and sugar like additives but the same or more calories of other Gels. This lowers the glycemic index and prevents sugar spikes and more importantly the drop you get afterwards. The end result is a more steady energy source and better over all performance. As a long course athlete this really matters as the events are so long that the ups and downs in energy really play out and suck.

I also used their recovery product. In the same format as a gel, but slightly longer I found it the most portable and easy to have on tap when training took to away from my kitchen. Most of my workouts end at cars, or pool locker rooms so getting in those key recovery calories in that key short 20 minute window is really difficult but My Choice energy made it simple and easy. They taste good too, and aren’t subject to mixing, bottles, finding water or any other things that might prevent you from getting it in.

Lastly I tried their hydration product which like the Gels also is designed to prevent energy spikes. It worked as designed and my workouts, even the super long ones that were 130 miles or so, were even. The taste was great too.

All of them were easy on my gut and i had no GI issues.

All in all an awesome product that’s clearly a step ahead of the others.


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Days 11 and 12

Day 11

“This one goes to 11.” – spinal tap.

Today was rough by design. The hardest workout and deep into training. 112 hilly miles as fast as I could (and much climbing as I could find) and 8 miles tempo as a brick run. I spent the first 2 hours spewing mental hate until I burned all that fuel. Then another 2 in a pretty happy place as I tried to keep pushing the pace. The last 90 minutes of riding was done without a mind. I kinda love when that happens. Your mind vanished and it’s just will (spirit) and emotions (heart).

The run was an odd Affair with a real mix of good and bad miles. But in the end I was just stoked to be done. What a beast of a day!

Day 12
Today is a 5k Swim and 30 minutes of gym work. A hard easy day. But my legs get a bit of a break before the last two hard days. I find 5k swims great for having a strong swim the entire swim. It really stops the fading that can happen in the final k of Ironman. I tried 6k and didn’t find it helped more that 5k so that’s why that’s my long swim. I am sure more is more but for me I found it’s not worth the extra effort.

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